Jason Martin

Bachelors of Science (concentrations: Business Administration and Manufacturing Technology) 2016   “The best part of SOIS is that you can create flexibility in your schedule without compromising the quality of education.” says recent SOIS graduate, Jason Martin. Jason says he chose SOIS so he could focus the education to the application of his career aspirations and balance a busy schedule by taking online courses. His favorite thing about the SOIS program are “it’s tangible in the sense that I selected courses that were applicable to my current job, career aspirations, and everyday life.” He says a few of his previous … Continue reading Jason Martin

Tanner Newcomb

Bachelor of Science 2014   My academic journey at RIT has been a whirlwind. I started as a psychology major, and transferred into the University Studies Program after my first quarter. By the end of my first year, I moved into biotechnology, where I stayed for two years. By the end of my junior year, I realized that my passion was in working with students, so higher education became my career pathway. However, RIT doesn’t offer education courses in a devoted major. An individualized degree was a perfect fit for me; I was able to design a program that would best … Continue reading Tanner Newcomb

Yvette Chirenje

Bachelor of Science 2014   Returning to school after so many years was at first a scary experience but after meeting with my advisor Michelle Firnstein, I’ve gained new insight on what I want my career path to be. I like the concept of customizing my learning experience so that I’m not stuck within a traditional mode of learning. My current position as a Staff Assistant within the NTID Student Life Team allows me the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned to the RIT community.   Continue reading Yvette Chirenje

Jeremy DeCausemaker

Masters in Professional Studies (concentrations: communications & media technology, public policy) 2013   As an undergrad, I had switched my major twice. I entered RIT as a Software Engineering Major, and quickly found that an engineer I was not. I excelled at the interpersonal side of computing and development, so I switched into the more business oriented Management Information Systems major. After completing all of my prerequisites, I had come to learn there was a limited number of tracks I could concentrate in, and each of them required me to specialize in a proprietary software toolkit. I felt as though … Continue reading Jeremy DeCausemaker

Dan Worthy

Master of Science 2011 I chose the Professional Studies program because it allowed me to select a combination of skills that I knew I would need to be successful. I loved the fact that I could use the best of several disciplines to advance my career. This type of program gives students a distinct advantage in the workplace because they are able to connect the dots whereas others may be restricted to their area of expertise. During my co-op experiences, I worked with the Veteran Center, American Legion, Department of Veterans Affairs, the Wounded Warrior Project, Disabled American Veterans, and … Continue reading Dan Worthy

Benjamin Woelk

Professional Studies, concentrations in Public Policy. Tourism, Marketing 2011   I am pursuing my degree in the hope of developing skills for not only a new career but ultimately to address a need that I feel exists within the world which is to build community and celebrate culture within the context of urban and community development based around the arts and agriculture. My belief is that an individualized degree gives me the ability to market myself within a broader context to government, non-profit and private organizations. Abby Cantwell has been an incredible resource as she has met with me on … Continue reading Benjamin Woelk

Charles Moreland

Bachelor of Science 2010 I started at RIT in the Fine Arts program with a concentration in sculpture. By my third year I realized there was so much more that I wanted to do in life and switched to the School of Individualized Study. This move allowed me to finish my last year in Anatomy and Physiology. By the end of my time at RIT, I didn’t entirely know what I wanted out of life at this point but I knew I wasn’t meant for a typical career or a regular 9 to 5 job. I’m extremely independent and I … Continue reading Charles Moreland

Rachel McGinnis

Bachelor of Science (concentrations: women’s studies, public policy, psychology) 2005 Rachel E. McGinnis learned early how important a multidisciplinary approach was in her career field. After graduating from Perry High School, Rachel thought that her passion for affecting grassroots change and improving human rights could be accomplished through hard work alone.  But she saw that passion alone can lead to a narrow approach to problem-solving.  She quickly learned that social problems required multiple skills and the ability to see issues from multiple perspectives. After graduating from Monroe Community College with honors in 2003, Rachel enrolled in RIT’s BS in Applied … Continue reading Rachel McGinnis