Jeremy DeCausemaker

Masters in Professional Studies (concentrations: communications & media technology, public policy)



As andecausemaker undergrad, I had switched my major twice. I entered RIT as a Software Engineering Major, and quickly found that an engineer I was not. I excelled at the interpersonal side of computing and development, so I switched into the more business oriented Management Information Systems major. After completing all of my prerequisites, I had come to learn there was a limited number of tracks I could concentrate in, and each of them required me to specialize in a proprietary software toolkit. I felt as though concentrating in a software system, one that would inevitably become obsolete, was a poor choice for my future. I was at a loss.

After doing some research about different programs available at RIT, I found the Organizational Change and Leadership Certificate, offered through what was then CMS (now SOIS). I sat down with advisor Abby Berner to discuss my options. After speaking with her I found out that all the time I had put into business school would not be wasted if I switched majors, and that I could not only concentrate in business, but I could obtain an Associates Degree, while obtaining my bachelors, and get the certificate I was interested in! I was able to add political science, and writing studies to my concentrations, do an internship in Albany as a registered lobbyist, and get course credit. By the time I was done with my undergrad I had accumulated 2 years of work experience and 3 degrees.

I started working directly in my field because of the unique mix of courses I was able to put together in my individualized degree. At the completion of an internship I co-founded my first company with another RIT Alumni, and a staffer from the firm I had been working with. That position allowed me to travel to conferences all over the country, and eventually back to RIT.

After Graduation

Since finishing his MS in Professional Studies in ’13 (Communications & Media Technology and Public Policy) Remy has had a hand in a number of Historic Firsts in his field:

  • The first Academic Minor in Free/Open Source Software and Free Culture in the United States here at RIT, teaching three of the five required courses as an Adjunct Professor.
  • The first Community Action & Impact Lead for the Fedora Project at Red Hat Inc, founding their Community Operations Team, supporting Diversity and Inclusion as an administrator of the Google Summer of Code and Outreachy programs.
  • The first-ever Open Source Community Manager for a Presidential Campaign, developing the first open source contribution policy for a major national political party.


“All because I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and there was an academic program that allowed me to build out the best degree to do it.”


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