Jason Martin

Bachelors of Science (concentrations: Business Administration and Manufacturing Technology)



“TJason Martin Thumbhe best part of SOIS is that you can create flexibility in your schedule without compromising the quality of education.” says recent SOIS graduate, Jason Martin.

Jason says he chose SOIS so he could focus the education to the application of his career aspirations and balance a busy schedule by taking online courses. His favorite thing about the SOIS program are “it’s tangible in the sense that I selected courses that were applicable to my current job, career aspirations, and everyday life.”

He says a few of his previous courses such as Technical Communication, Ethics, New Venture Development, Practicing and Assessing Leadership, and Multi-Disciplinary Life have impacted his quality of life.

Jason is currently an Engineering Technician for Advanced Atomization Technologies in Clyde, NY. During his free time Jason leads a Canning Hunger project where his team collects food from his hometown community and gives it to their local food distribution experts, The House of Concern in Seneca Falls, NY. When he’s not working, Jason likes to fish, hunt and camp with his family.


His advice to new SOIS students?

“Get to know the staff early on in your learning experience.  They can give you some great advice in how to get where you want to go.”


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