Student Contributions

Students in Dr. Decker’s Spring 2016 Visitor Engagement and Museum Technologies course collaborated to create an online timeline which may be found here.

Students in Dr. Decker’s Spring 2017 course worked individually and in teams to create ancillaries for the exhibition. These items are shared below.

Data, data everywhere
Visualization of enrollment data 1966-67 by Michael & John with a map of corporate locations
Sara and Matt’s visualization enrollment data from the 1880s to today.

Dante’s & Chris’s closer look at several cases. Transcriptions here.
Katie‘s guide on the side, an instagram-style takeover. Transcription here.
Gaby‘s and Kayla‘s guide on the side, “Draw Your Exhibit”-style videos.
Video for Case 2 here. Transcription for Case 2 here.
Video for Case 5 here. Transcription for Case 5 here.

Lauren‘s additional content on the exhibit website with posts for odd-numbered cases
Ginny‘s online quiz (10 questions, with 30 possible. Full list here).
Seth’s & Alex‘s Layout for a guide focusing on case 5, curriculum
Angie’s guide, focusing on case 6, the Gleason Connection
Claire’s & Alex’s  tour of the downtown campus using HistoryPin