Benjamin Woelk

Professional Studies, concentrations in Public Policy. Tourism, Marketing



I am woelkpursuing my degree in the hope of developing skills for not only a new career but ultimately to address a need that I feel exists within the world which is to build community and celebrate culture within the context of urban and community development based around the arts and agriculture. My belief is that an individualized degree gives me the ability to market myself within a broader context to government, non-profit and private organizations. Abby Cantwell has been an incredible resource as she has met with me on multiple occasions to discuss the best direction going forward in my academic pursuit to accomplish my goals. The opportunity to work on an Independent Study with Dr. James Myers has been one of the most meaningful and exciting opportunities I have been given during my time at RIT. The independent study gave me the rare ability to truly take an in-depth look at the incredible resource that is our local markets here in Rochester and to better understand why sustaining local agritourism is so important. More about my independent study can found online:


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