Onsite Exhibition Content

Methodology: Content was culled from RIT Archive Collections and the archives of Gleason Corporation, a long-time partner of RIT. In addition, oral histories were collected in October 2015 from Gleason employees.

Online Exhibition Content

Methodology: Timeline content was retrieved from RIT Archive Collections; all digital ancillaries created in the spring 2017 were created from the curated texts and visuals in the exhibition as well as any additional sources students scoured.

Individualized Study Enrollment Figures 1885-2017

Methodology: Enrollment figures were gleaned from two sources: annual reports and registrar reports. The figures are expressed as a chart.

Caveat: *In 1974-75 a gap in data occurred because the Institute changed from IBM computer system to Xerox Sigma computing. *Fall 1984 enrollment decrease includes 946 College of Continuing Education students who began being counted in enrollments of the evening divisions of CAST and the College of Business.

Explanation: The period from 1885-1959 is class enrollment as reported in annual reports for the institute. From 1885-1912, very few students took more than one course; so the figures for class and individual enrollment are compatible. From 1912-17, the enrollment is for individuals. From 1917-25, 150 students were subtracted from the total class enrollment, as annual reports for these years indicate that this number of students took more than one course per year. Figures from 1959 through the present have been obtained from registrar’s records.

Enrollment figures reported for 1925-78 refer to the number of individuals attending regular credit courses during the academic year from September through May. Enrollment numbers from 1978-2016 utilized Fall Term data only.

Next step: The ratio of evening school/individualized learning students: traditional day students has inverted over the years, as told through anecdotes, annual reports, and registrar reporting. A refinement of this data collection would include a comparison of the two cohorts over the years.