Case 9: Individualized Education

In 1996, CCE was absorbed into the College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST). The merger was an effort to enhance and strengthen RIT’s commitment to responsive, successful, and mutually beneficial external partnerships.

RIT was responding to the changing needs of its partners to remain a key resource to business and industry for research, technology transfer, cooperative education, and training for human resource development. This move sought to enhance RIT’s ability to create new entrepreneurial opportunities and facilitate their implementation.

In 2003, in partnership with CMS and RIT, the American University of Kosovo opened their doors as an international location that would offer the degree program offered by CMS.

In 2010, CMS was re-established under a new set of operating principles in the Division of Academic Affairs. CMS continued to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as a small number of advanced certificates. Additionally, CMS met the needs of students at the American University of Kosovo (RIT/A.U.K.) and RIT-Dubai.

-Click here to learn more about RIT/A.U.K. and RIT-Dubai. 



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