We wish to thank the following partners at RIT for their generous support of this exhibition: the Museum Studies Program, College of Liberal Arts; The Wallace Center; Alumni Relations; and the School of Individualized Study.

We gratefully acknowledge the help and support of the following people, without whom this exhibition would never have come together: Valerie Barker (Gleason Corporation), Jodi Carville, Dr. Jim Hall, Meg Walbaum, and Weston Harris.

The following students enrolled in the RIT Museum Studies course “Visitor Engagement & Museum Technologies” worked in teams in the Spring 2016 to develop the online exhibit content: Jess Andrews, Hannah Barber, Leah Bartnik, Jenna Bossert, Phillip Fowler, William Gabrillo, Elizabeth Gwilt, Eliza Harvey, Emily King, Sydney MacMillan, Kellie Menzies, Rebecca Merriman, Sam Pike, Nik Santiago, Kelli Spampinato, Ruth Starr, Kris VanNostrand, and Carly Washburn. They scoured the RIT Archive Collections in search of visuals and documents to tell the story. Their work is represented in the timeline (see here). Particular thanks are due to Jenna Bossert who served as project assistant. Thanks are also due to Amanda Packard who led the class in a Pinterest-ing demo on content creation and to Jess Andrews who managed data transfer for the timeline.

Students in the Spring 2017 Visitor Engagement & Museum Technologies course continued working on the exhibition by rolling out digital ancillaries, which are part of the web experience. Thanks are due to Sara Artese, Dante Edgar, Chris Fisher, Gaby Gonzalez, Matt Graham, Katie Green, Ginny Gross, Michael Guglielmo, Lauren Hubbs, Kayla Jackson, Angie Davern, Seth Newburgh, Claire Popoli, Alex Resop, Alex Serpikov, and John Valentine.

In addition, Lauren Peace, a co-op in the Office of University News interviewed us i the Fall 2016 for a University News story, which you can read here and a longer piece for The Anthenaeum which appeared in 2017. Thanks, Lauren!

Finally, the following individuals spent time with us and agreed to be interviewed about their connections to RIT’s individualized education over the years—whether as an instructor or as a student in the apprenticeship, undergraduate degree, graduate degree or certificate program: Thomas (Buzz) Maiuri, Wayne Picone, Dan Wood, Matt Meyer, Mike Walker, and Al De Cook. Their stories helped to make the history come to life.

–Juilee Decker, Jody Sidlauskas, and Meg Walbaum co-organizers